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For more information about how we can support your organization's inclusion and diversity efforts, reach out to

Diaz Inclusion is excited to be supporting USITT's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Social Justice (IDEAS) efforts and we enjoyed meeting you at USITT24 in Seattle!

Thank you to all who engaged in the USITT IDEAS Survey in the fall of 2023!


With close to 800 respondents, this comprehensive and confidential survey successfully gathered insights and engagement across USITT’s community of 3,108 members, administration, and board of directors to shine a light on key stakeholder perspectives for momentum and growth.


As a minority-run, female-owned team of consultants all with backgrounds in the performing and educational arts, our team at Diaz Inclusion sought to understand the nuanced issues facing USITT's member community and design clear next steps to build consensus for forward movement and growth. Our team works with clients on both national and hyper-local focuses to effect change and create space for candid conversations and meaningful action. 

The aggregated insights will serve as a guide to better position the organization for a sustainable leadership role at the forefront of progress in the entertainment design and technology space and the broader entertainment and theatre sector, serving as a beacon of excellence and inclusivity for future iterations of the form.

We had a great session at USITT24's Human Issues Caucus! Click on the link below to find out more about our work with the USITT IDEAS Survey, how IDEAS Leadership is for Everyone, and sample resources for further learning!


--> Diaz Inclusion Presentation Link - March 20, 2024

Here's a visual of what USITT Members had to say....

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